We Need Your Help


Without someone to announce the classes, run the gates, set the barrels and pass out the ribbons we can't run our shows each week. Plus we can always use help with grounds maintenance and general operations of the club.

Volunteers are needed so the club can run effectively during a show and during the year. As a volunteer you not only get to make sure the show runs smoothly, but you can enjoy an evening of great performances and be right in the middle of all the action.

Listed below are all the volunteer positions that need to be filled for each show to run. If you see something that interests you we would love to have your help. Please email pekinridingclub@yahoo.com if you can volunteer and help our club be the best it can be.



Volunteer Needs

Show Sign In Person - collects entry forms and fees and checks for membership status

Speed Arena Announcer - announces for the Speed Events (events, names, times, and penalties)

Speed Arena Gatekeeper - opens and closes the gate between the warm-up arena and the event arena

Speed Arena Event Set-Up - helps set up barrels and poles for various events

Flag Carrier - carries the flag from one side of the arena to the other depending on rider's preference during the Flag event

Pleasure Arena Announcer - announces for the Pleasure Arena (call for events, judges requests, names and placings)

Pleasure Arena Gatekeeper (enter) - opens gate to allow horses and riders to enter arena

Pleasure Arena Gatekeeper (exit) - opens gate to allow horses and riders to exit arena and awards riders with earned ribbons

Pleasure Arena Ring Steward - helps the judge in the arena during the show